Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the questions we get asked most. If you have a question that’s not here, then you can contact us directly.

What is a bar crawl?
It’s an event where people go from bar to bar enjoying specials.

Why a Valentine’s Vampire Crawl?
We wanted to create something that’s a fun alternative to the usual Valentine’s Day crap- because, face it, almost everyone either secretly or not so secretly hates that holiday. Plus vampires are a perfect match- they wear a lot of red and black, depending on what movies you watch they’re usually sexy as hell, and they’re really into hearts. Maybe for different reasons than cupid but close enough.

How does the crawl work?
In order to participate, you purchase a $5 cup and map and you get $2 and $3 drink specials at tons of bars downtown. You also get access to costume contests and other perks. Plus the cup is pretty cool.

Where & when do we start the crawl?Start time is 7:30 pm on Saturday night February 9th. This year we have two start locations: Waterfall and Red Rock. More info here.

Where do you buy cups?
Before the crawl you can buy cups at local stores, including Junkee Clothing Exchange, Melting Pot, Chocolate Walrus and Prism Magic. On crawl night we’ll have start bars where you can purchase cups as well.

Do you have to dress up?
You don’t HAVE to, but it’s WAY more fun if you do! There’s so many cool costume ideas you can pull off for the Vampire Crawl- you could be a vamp, a victim, a vampire hunter, you could pick any other character or costume and make a vampire version, be a sexy vamp, the ideas just don’t stop.

Where can I get fangs or stuff for my costume?
We have a full listing of locations at our costumes page.

Who can participate?
Anyone who’s over 21. You must be of age and bring your ID with you.

Are there places to stay downtown if I don’t want to drive home?
Downtown Reno has plenty of awesome hotels. We partner with the Silver Legacy to get discount rooms so that people don’t have to drive, and 10% of your room rate gets donated to charity! Our discount code is VAMP13. For more info go to our discount hotel rooms page.

Who puts it on?
The fun folks at Let’s Do Things.

How does it help the community?
First, it boosts the local economy sending people into all the costume shops, thrift stores and apparel stores to create their costumes. Second, it pumps money into local bars. Third, it brings in outside tourism, and Fourth we donate a portion of the proceeds directly to charity.